What will happen to garage sale listings if I close my eBay store?

I have had it with eBay fees, adding on promotions, store subscription-the list goes on and my profit margin is razor thin. I have had Top Rated Seller Plus for awhile but after being scammed by three buyers recently (one took a pair of pliers to a Tiffany necklace and then returned it) I have decided to change my return policy to 14 days, buyer pays. I no longer care about that TRS badge, not worth it.
Now I am considering canceling my store subscription and just listing items individually. Would I need to change any settings on garage sale if I cancel my store subscription, other than just not select also list in my eBay store on the template? Thanks for any help/suggestions in advance

Unless NOT selecting the “use eBay store” checkbox there’s nothing else you’d need to do, as far as I can tell.

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