When relisting through garage sale, original listing not available

Lately, eBay is immediatetly switching many of my unsold listings to another seller’s items with a generic message that “my listing is no longer available” If I go to my unsold items on eBay, my listing is there. I want to relist through garage sale only and am finding this an occuring obstacle and a new dilemma at that. Any suggestions to prevent my original listings from disappearing? I am creating them all on Garage Sale, they run once and then are no longer on garage sale as ebay switches them

It’s because you are looking at it in LIVE mode, switch to EDITOR or PREVIEW. It is a new “feature” on Ebay……

Also, eBay deletes the old listing data/photos in their database after either 30, 60 or 90 days, so if you do not relist the item within that timeframe, then you will have to start it as a New Listing once again.

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