Where are all the pop-up ads coming from?

Suddenly, I’m getting pop-up ads when I open GarageSale. Most seem to be for adult content sites. Any help?

Our guess is that eBay is not monitoring what ads they deliver on there platform.

What version of GarageSale are you using?

GarageSale 6.9.7. The ads (usually 3) pop up when I open a new page. I
can understand if it was Safari or another web browser, but how do they
appear in GarageSale?

Apple offers a library called WebKit for displaying web content inside applications. Safari is built on top of WebKit, as are many third-party apps like GarageSale.

In GarageSale there is a component that loads the web page of the viewed auction from eBay. We believe that on the eBay webpage advertising is embedded that display nasty popup windows.

You might want to give the latest beta of GarageSale 6.9.8 (https://www.iwascoding.com/GarageSale/Downloads.html) or GarageSale 7 a try, which both should block popup ads.

Thank you. That explains a lot!