Where is this active content?

I continute to get active content messages from ebay for about a dozen listings. I go ahead and fix the content manually on each listing on the eBay site. When I relist through garage sale, the problem continues. I do not link videos and the images do not seem to be a problem. I understand that active content listings slow load? Any one know why this is happening and how to prevent it, also is there a way to bulk edit this on garage sale?
Thank you. Here is an example of a flagged listing:163280004196

I had a look at the listing’s source code.
For some reason your listing’s item description (design, images, description) is messed up, unfortunately. Something must have gone very wrong.
I can’t tell what exactly happened but there’re at least two designs and two layouts mixed up in your item description. Also, it contains internal GarageSale-Code (javacsript) that shouldn’t appear there. That’s probably why eBay sends that active content error.

As a quick fix you could switch to GS’s Editor mode and press cmd-f there to open the search bar. Search for:
and delete everything you find. Then invoke the revise command from within GS.

The better - but more time-consuming - way is to tidy up your item description:

  1. in Preview mode copy the whole text from the item description (cmd-a, cmd-c)

  2. switch to Editor mode, clear/delete the item description field there.

  3. Paste in the previously in step #1 copied text (cmd-v).

  4. switch back to Preview mode. You can format your item description text here and also add images and select a design as usual.


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