Will choosing Business Policy options affect GS Reports?

I actually don’t mind Ebay’s Business Policies thingy, but if I opt for using that instead of building shipping/return/payment options into my GS templates, will that exclude data from Reports? That’s the singular reason I would opt out of Biz Policies - I want to use GS for generating reports on shipping.

Also, it’d be really nice to be able to see the cost of an item’s shipping in the inspector/preview window. New user here, so maybe I haven’t looked around enough.

I use only business policies and in my opinion this is a must if you have a constant increasing number of listing GTC or 30-days with auto-relist. It is especially important for managing shipping costs.

What kind of data? The price of shipping for each sold item? If so, they are included.

Uhm I don’t think it will be so useful, you can use the live page to check postages or, better again, using a rational group of policies: divide them per weight and call them with the weight range, so you can see immediately which one the listing is using…

I like it as a reminder. I’m pretty forgetful. But I’ll use the live window.

And good to know GS does pull ship costs. Thats the main thing I needed to know.

I am too unfortunately, but now I am trying to remember it by checking each time the highlighted filed in the previous screenshot without switching each time to live …

Yes, postages are of course possible to choose from the list and show in reports…

Just to clarify, I knew that they had an option to toggle Shipping for reports, I just wasn’t sure that shipping costs for Business Policy enabled items were factored in .

The usage of shipping profiles should not affect the shipping column in the Reports section, as the shipping fee is downloaded from order on eBay and not looked up in the listing in GarageSale.

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