Will Garagesale run on iPad mini 6?

I just managed to get hold of a iPad mini 6, and was wondering if it would run on it, as well as my iMac?

I did a search of the forum but I found nothing…doesn’t sound promising so far, any of your helpful tips appreciated, thanks

EDIT…think I found Garagesale Touch! let me see if I can find it in the App Store, but the big question is, can I transfer all my listings from iMac onto iPad? hmmm, like import them…I have read a bit and it says I can share on Garagesale 6, but I have 7.0.20 856. On deeper delve it says that Touch is no longer available, is there a workaround if I already have a mac version?

I believe I remember seeing this question asked and the answer is no iPad possibilities. Also GS7 will likely be broken by ebay in early January so you will need to update to GS8

ok thanks for the reply.

Do you know what they mean by a limit of 50 uploads for the standard version of GS8? Does that include your automatically relisted and unsold items, or is it just for new listings?

Any listing that GS lists or relists. If you let the unsold continue without GS doing anything to it, it doesn’t count. Ebay charging the next 30 days doesn’t count.

so anything that you press “Start” in GS counts then…ok thanks for clearing that up

you can do edits to the listing but no starts or restarts. basically anything that assigns a new item number on ebay get counted

Yup, got it thanks, I understand…looks like an Upgrade, I dont need Pro version

They also let you move as your needs change

Cool, GS have always been good to me…

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