Window Growing Has Returned

With the latest release of GS7 the growing window problem has returned. It is a little different this time.
If my window is about 1/4 size of the full screen, (27’’ iMac) and it’s located near the bottom left it will grow taller each time I quit and relaunch. Like it’s not storing it’s last window size/location.

Thanks, Steve

What version of Mac OS are you using?

I’m using El Capitan 10.11.5

I noticed that every time I press on “start” button, the pop-up window is always in a different position, every time…

Sorry, could not reproduce this behavior with the Launch Control window. Could your record a screencast video?

Thanks. We’ll look into this. I believe the window size and position are correctly saved, but the operating system has problems restores these value for windows with certain types of toolbars. We are trying to workaround these issues, but it’s pretty complicated.

I will do it as soon as possible.

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I do have a program called ‘Moom’ that sets up windows automatically to pre-saved sizes and positions. The growing occurs even when GS7 window is not set by Moom. Even so, maybe this program is causing additional complications.

@ilja I have just tried with the last release and the problem seems to be disappeared… well, I tried quickly and I will be back here if it returns while working for lots of time. Anyway… I hope you solved it.

Thank you

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