Workflow for Medium Res. Images in GS Template with High Res. in Ebay's Image Viewer?

I have started selling on Ebay (and using GarageSale) again after a few years off. In the meantime, Ebay has gotten much more generous with hosting images, and “Retina” screens have happened.

I’m looking for a way to have sensibly sized, optimized images in my templates (e.g., 600 px wide) while also getting much higher resolution images into Ebay’s built-in image viewer (the box in the upper right corner of every listing). (When I shop, I really like being able to mouse over that box to scan through a super-high res. image.)

I reckon I can do it by dropping optimized, 600 px wide images into my listing template in GarageSale and then, after listing on Ebay, adding my high res. versions to the listing via Ebay’s web interface…

… but maybe there’s a more efficient way to get the job done? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Alexander_Bailey,

you could add larger images in GarageSale and - if you use GarageSale’s free image service - activate “also upload to eBay, if free” and in the GarageSale preferences>Advanced activate “enable picture pack, if free”.

This should upload large images to eBay automatically if you list an auction.

Regards, Kristian