1 eBay account with multiple different PayPal email addresses

Using GarageSale 7.0.13 (827).

How do I setup and use 1 eBay account with multiple different PayPal email addresses for different listings???

In GS6, I setup 3 GS6 accounts in Preferences for the same eBay account, each with a different PayPal account email address.

When I try to add the same eBay account a second time, I get the following error:
Error: Duplicate Account - The eBay account for the user xxyyzz was authorized multiple times. The duplicate will be deleted.

Can you just add a “Keep Duplicate Account” button, and allow me to give the acount a different name, like GS6?

eBay allows me to specify a different PayPal email address for each listing, and it is easy to specify the “PayPal Email address for receiving payment” when creating or Revising a listing directly on the eBay web site.

I would like to be able to associate different PayPal addresses with the same eBay account and have multiple instances of the same eBay account, like in GS6 with multiple GS6 accounts, so that when I start a listing I decide which GS account (eBay and PayPal) to use.

Sorry, I think that use case isn’t covered anymore.

In GarageSale 6, we had way too many “inexperienced” user authorising the same eBay account multiple times in GarageSale, causing all kinds of confusion for them and for our support staff.

We could add input field for “PayPal Address” at the listing level, but that would probably confuse the same crowd again.

I guess splitting your business into several eBay accounts with different PayPal addresses is not an option for you?

Hi Ilja,

“into several eBay accounts with different PayPal addresses”
Tried that. MUCH too much additional work, and way too confusing to keep track of. Especially with multiple logins, messages, best offers, printing labels, and everything else. eBay allows this functionality when you Revise a listing on their website.

OK, how about this…

A Smart Group filter AND Live View to allow inspecting (editing?) the PayPal account email address, and an AppleScript command to Get and Set the PayPal email address (so I can automate changing multiple listings) and then I can Revise the Listings.


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