1 Order stuck on "Waiting for Payment"

Hi. I have an order that was for multiple auctions that one seller won all of them and it is stuck showing "Waiting for Payment in GS, but the buyer has indeed paid for the order and eBay shows that he has also. Only GS does not. All other past orders from this same seller with multiple buys show as paid, as do all the other orders from other buyers. Just this one order. I can manually click “paid” checkmark to force it as paid but wondering if there are any negative implications to me doing this or if I should we try and figure out why this has happened? Is it a bug that should be looked into? If I need to provide any info I can. Let me know. Thanks.

Does it clean up if you select “Update all orders” from the Order menu? It might be a slow update from eBay?

I forgot to mention that I had already tried this multiple times but it still shows unpaid. So makes no difference…

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Since no one replied after my less message above I guess there is no solution? Can someone at least let me know if me manually marking it as paid has any reproductions or if there is any disadvantages to doing this vs trying to figure out what caused the problem and getting it to update properly?


sometimes eBay combines multiple orders from one buyer into another, new order and deletes the old orders. As there is no proper way to track this with the eBay API, GarageSale can no longer update the old orders. Is there another order for this buyer that contains all the items? Then you can simply delete/archive the old order.


I’m not sure if I can doing this right but what happened is the one bidder bid and and won multiple auctions from me. I then use My eBay webpage (not GS) to send him an invoice with the lower combined shipping price since he won multiple items that all fit into the same rigid mailer. I’m not sure if this is the way I am supposed to do it or if I should be doing this from GS instead of My Ebay? This buyer won 8 auctions so that’s what I sent the invoice for. This has worked for most listings but now I see there are 3 other orders waiting for payment in GS that are single auctions that buyers won only 1 item not multiple and they are also showing awaiting payment as well now, but they have all been paid and shipped. I also mark them as paid and shipped though My Ebay not GS. Maybe I am doing things in My Ebay that I should be doing in GS? I am brand new to GS so just learning all its capabilities, so if I am doing it wrong I do apologize.

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