1 year GTC subscription

I have a question concerning the GTC option. When annual subscription ends does it automatically renew or do I have to do it manually? Do I receive an alarm? How long do you keep images after subscription end? I hope you don’t delete immediately them when 1 year subscription ends :fearful:

You have to renew it manually.

“All images in your GTC listings uploaded within the selected period will stay online on GarageSale’s image server as long as your GTC listings are running!”

(Source: https://wiki.iwascoding.com/mediawiki/index.php?title=GarageSale_Preferences#GTC_Image_Option)

After your GTC listings have ended the images will stay online for additional 10 days.

Regards, Kristian

Hello Kristian,
thank you for your help. You see, in 1 year I will probably have several thousands of GTC listings and the idea of loosing all images saved on your server is a bit worrying. Do you alert me when GCT subscription ends? If I renew subscription within 10 days from end do you keep again for another year all images I had uploaded before?

In that source link I read “After your GTC listings have ended the images will stay online for additional 10 days.” Well, I don’t mean when a listing ends, but after subscription ends.

The fact that your subscription ends will do nothing to your images on our servers. You will be barred from uploading new images only. That’s all.

We will delete the images from our server 10 days after your listing has ended, regardless if your subscription is still active or not.

So, nothing bad will happen to your images if you let your subscription expire by accident.

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Thank you!! It’s very nice to hear, I was already studying how to use that FTP option but to be honest with you I understand zilch with it :expressionless:

Just one more question, just to be really sure to have understood correctly… so if a GTC listing does not end within next 20 years you keep its images for 20 years also if I won’t renew subscription next year, correct?

Exactly. Unless we go out of business. So, please tell anyone about the GS 7 update. :wink: