2 different Memory Usage windows

  1. Does there need to be 2 different “Memory Usage” windows?? Both the About Box (Show Memory Usage) and the Window menu (Memory Usage) commands should open the same window with the window title “Memory Usage”, since both windows currently show the same contents.

  2. And how about adding the “total number of database records” for: listings, orders, inventory, images, thumbNailImages?, others???

  3. Also, the Window menu item commands “Activity” and “Memory Usage” should work like the other Window commands, toggle between “Show ‘window’” and “Hide ‘window’”.

  4. Does the Activity window need to be a System Floating window, floating above ALL windows in ALL layers?? Can it just float on top in the GarageSale app layer???

  5. Also, when Rebuilding Indexes (which took just over 30 minutes…), a Rebuild Progress Window DOES show up. But… The Progress Thermometer DOES NOT update at all during this time…

  6. What logLevel gives the most detail?? (0=off/none, 1,2,3???)

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