2 Step Auth Problem

Hello, I have recently added two step auth to all 5 eBay accounts so the tokens in GS need to be refreshed. I cannot refresh as when the two step window comes up after log in - it isn’t clickable. I’ve tried deleting one account and reimporting it but same thing happens, it sticks on the two step auth for the mobile number. In ebay there does not seem to be a facility to switch it off. Any ideas how I can resolve this? Thanks, Lee

Sorry also meant to add a password change as well

For me the 2FA works without a problem in GarageSale.
What version of macOS and GarageSale are you using?

Maybe you can turn off your 2FA temporarily in your account settings on the eBay website and then try it again in GarageSale?

Hi Kristian,

Thank you for your reply and email. OK eBay seems not to like you turning the 2FA off once set up. I have a very old Mac on Sierra so it may have been because of that, that the clickable "Get Text’ button is not working. I’ve managed to get around this so thought I would post it here for others in case they were experiencing the same problem. The solution is instead set up the eBay App 2FA - this gets around the need to interact with eBay within Garage Sale with any clicks as you just verify on the app. I hope this makes sense!

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