200 Free listings all summer!

Yes, 200 on eBay.

In comparison GS8 non-subscription has a paltry limit of fifty per month. Ok, I know it’s probably just a whine, but the 200 free listings offer makes a nice contrast to the constricted 50, and so I felt prompted to post. I’d love to upgrade to GS8, and with 100 would do it in a heartbeat. Dang. [insert frowns face here]…

Ebay US store subscriptions are getting 50,000 a month that started in March and lasts until July.

In eBay.it they offered from 1st to 30th April FREE fees over new listings sold within the month. So I started with tons of new listings at good prices. Then, at the middle of the month, they said me they made a mistake and I was not eligible for free fees. You the comments…

eBay: world-wide corp with millions of user, making a profit of $1.79 billion in 2019

GarageSale: niche application with a few hundreds users, which doesn’t even cover 50% of the operating costs of the company making it

Go figure…

Ilja, Thanks for making and maintaining GarageSale! The change in pricing structure seemed excessive before I made the change but GarageSale has become a very valuable tool for me to continue selling on ebay. For the yearly subscription price that is less than a daily cup of coffee people drink is not too expensive. Thanks again for making and maintaining GarageSale even when us users complain about the malfunctions and glitches that come up! rlmartin.


I absolutely understand they are doing it because, for one thing, more listings = more sales = more money for them. I also get that you thought long and hard about your business model. I’m just crying in my beer because it doesn’t work for me. No doubt I’ll upgrade when GS7 breaks and just force myself under the limit. Normally I have 100-150 active which is why 50 is just too tight. Cheers and keep up the good work!

I agree with rlmartin. The yearly subscription is fairly priced for the very powerful and easy to use GS8. I only sell a few things a month, but still find GS an invaluable tool.
Thanks to all your team for continued wonderful support and a wonderful Mac program.

True, great program. but with the handful of low-cost niche items I sell out of a big inventory of listings, I would lose money on a subscription. And if I didn’t have the full range of items listed (100 or so) I’d miss potential sales. So I’m probably the rare non-pro seller who needs the benefit of multiple listings but modest return make subscription a non-started. That makes me the poster-boy of long-time GS users who fell through the cracks. As Sinatra sang, That’s Life!

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