50-listing limit didn't reset

I asked recently when the 50-free-listings limit would reset, and was told here that it was automatic on the first of the month. However, it’s the 3rd, and I still get the message that I’ve reached the limit. Under Preferences/GarageSale Pro, it still says that I have hit the limit for this month. (So far, I have not listed anything in December.) Was there something I was supposed to do to get GS to reset? I do have 8.4. Thanks.

Can you please give this a try?:

It might be required to renew the eBay token completely:
Remove your eBay account from the GarageSale preferences > Accounts, restart your Mac and then re-add your eBay account.

If this won’t help, please give this a try:

  1. Quit GarageSale if running.
  2. Open the macOS “Keychain Access” application and enter “GarageSale eBay Account” in the search field. (If you don’t find anything try it with “ebay token”.)
  3. Right-click on the eBay account token in the Keychain and select “Delete”.
  4. If done, restart your Mac, start GarageSale and add/refresh your eBay access tokens in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts.

The first appears to have worked. Thank you!

(Just as a point of information, after uploading a lot, I immediately went to Preferences/Pro and the counter still said I had not yet started any listings this month. A few minutes later, still 0. There seems to be a lag.)


Tried both of these techniques with no luck. Then spent an half hour trying to access forums. Have new account now.
It’s the 6th and no available listings.

So I have 4 accounts. Hope I don’t have to jump through these hoops each month :grinning:


what version of GS are you using? You need the latest version of GS to be up to date with all of ebays latest authorization requirements

Its the 12th and I am still unable to post listings. Any suggestions ?


I have exceeded my posting abilities here. Should I email or other ? Cannot find a way to send a PM

OK sent an email with my user accounts,


can you send me your eBay username off-list?

Do you use any firewall or similar software that blocks some access to the iwascoding servers?


You wrote that you can’t delete your eBay tokens from the Keychain. What error do you get when trying to do so?

Regards, Kristian

None at all it just does not delete. I right click delete and nothing happens !

A system prompt might appear asking you to enter your macOS user password. Maybe that prompt is hidden behind another window, behind the dock or on another display maybe?

Regards, Kristian

Nope, Wish my life was that easy !

Hey I think its best if we do this via email front this point forward ?


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