6.6MB file too big too upload? Error (maximum size is 8072kb)

I just tried to upload this 6.6MB file and got this error message:
“Sorry, that file is too big (maximum size is 8072kb). Why not upload your large file to a cloud sharing service, then share the link?”

Seems like this 6.6MB file is smaller than 8MB???

35 AM

This software that runs this site probably might encode your movie into Base64 or some other bloated encoding during transfer (Discoure).

I found animated GIFs to work better on this site, because they are displayed inline. I use a software called Claquette to capture screen videos and export animated GIF files (using 50%) original size.

OK, Great. I tried in in another thread. In order to get the size small enough, I had to make the size a bit smaller and quality at 80%… (50% Size and 100% Quality is still >5MB) But, you should be able to get the idea…


If you are using Claquette, there is a built-in crop feature which you can use the cut out irrelevant parts of the screen, thus reducing the file size.

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