Non-stop crash, fresh install needed?

Hmmm. I didn’t hit the update button and got this message:

Screen Shot 2022-09-08 at 11.42.41 AM

Don’t want to Cancel if it’s actually updating, but I don’t see any progress bar, etc. Looks like there may have been an error, so maybe I should Cancel? How long would an update take to complete running?

GarageSale 7 is too old for the update mechanism, unfortunately. Just download GarageSale 9 directly from the GarageSale website.

Regards, Kristian

Okay. Will I still be able to migrate my database?

Yes, on first launch of GarageSale 9 you’ll see the “Welcome Screen” where you can select to import your previous database.

Regards, Kristian

Well we knew this day was coming but just didn’t know what it would look like. Years of good service, so thanks to the GS team for that! If you are running a business and have tons of listings, the subscription makes sense. Under 50 and you want the GS a familiarity and convenience, also may be worth it. But sadly, the new model squeezes a small group of users into a corner. That is, assuming there are people like me who use the 250 eBay limit (my dream was GS would at least give us 100) to toss whatever at the wall and hope it sells. Since it usually does not, I constantly tweak some small details and try again — so well over the 50 limit. Short version: users like me will need to decide whether to upgrade at all and then juggle between GS and eBay apps to circumvent the limit of 50, or just quit cold turkey. It sucks, but subscription works for a business, not for a hobbyist. Dev knew that and did what apparently made sense to keep going. Best of luck to everyone!


Iija, thanks for this update. I guess we all have to finally move to GS 9. It was great while it lasted and I thank you guys for not shutting down access to GS 7 and 8 while you could have and for not messing with the code to force people to upgrade or else. Some software developers are notorious for that and I appreciate that you guys didn’t manipulate the code to force people to upgrade or else.

Everything seems to be going fine although the “fetching access token” process seems to be taking a long time. About ten minutes in at this point

Screen Shot 2022-09-08 at 1.48.17 PM

How do I get the 2 months free? Kinda confused. Thanks.

If you purchase a full license for GarageSale for the first time, you receive an additional mail with your personal coupon code for GarageSale Pro. This coupon code allows you to test the GarageSale Pro service for two months for free.

Still going a half hour later!
Screen Shot 2022-09-08 at 1.48.17 PM

Up and running - thanks for the help!

Upgrading from GS8. Fetching Access Token is hanging as well. Over 15minutes at this point . . .

Did this resolve itself with time?

Yes, it was an eBay error, finally timed out with an “it’s not you, it’s us” page. After that I set up ,y subscription to unlimited ad have been listing successfuly with no hassles (knock on wood)

You probably purchased an upgrade license which does not include a coupon code for GSPro (only the full license does).

Regards, Kristian

This started on Thursday.

I used Little Snitch to narrow it down to eBay’s API.

If you have Little Snitch installed then open click “Show Network Monitor” in the Finder’s top menu bar.

Start GS and a popup will say its crashed.

Leave that popup window open and go to Little Snitch and disable eBay’s API under the rules.

Now go back to that popup and tell GS to Reopen.

GS will now restart and you view your items.

This is better option than simply disconnecting your internet service to prevent the accessing of eBay’s API from crashing GS.

If you are planning to use another version of GS later then enable the eBay API in Little Snitch.

Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 6.38.37 AM

Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 6.38.02 AM

Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 6.38.20 AM

I never list more than 250 items a month since paying eBay insertion fees stopped making sense many years ago.

In two recent quarters eBay lost 13% and 9 % of buyers. Total sales volume were down 10%, 10% and 20% in three recent quarters.

It a long dying platform run by management who are only concerned with getting their bonuses before they leave the company.

Makes no sense to pay $14.99 to list an additional 200 items a month. Most things sold on eBay are fixed priced as auctions have been a joke for some time. Its no longer the heyday of the late 1990s and early 2000s. eBay has become the lowball marketplace rather than setting the value of items.

GS has become less valuable over the years as in the past eBay routinely gave users free insertion periods of one or more days. I regularly received invitations to list 50,000 items without any insertion fees. They did away with those when they added FVF on shipping and instead just gave you a few listings per month. They tried telling us that FVF on shipping was offset by the free monthly listings, but what they did not tell you is that they took away these multiple year free listing events, any one of which exceeded the entire year’s worth of monthly free insertions.

If I am going to spend $14.99 a month I’ll use that for my own store hosting plan off eBay and not have to deal with the hassle, price increases or fees.

I experimented with my first simple store on the ancient GeoCities site, with payments via mail. As I was part of a webring my site was quickly at the top of searches and I sold out my collection. Its a lot easier these days.

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@Wood Thanks, I will give that a try. I also think that your analysis of eBay (though I don’t know anything about their management) seems spot-on. Further, I have a sneaky suspicion that they have rigged things to push sellers to pay for “featured listing status” if you want your item to ever be found.

Same issue, I get that v7 is not supported anymore, but I downloaded v8 and cant get the server to respond to upgrading and now cannot even download 9

Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 3.43.46 PM

I’m having the same issue and (gladly) upgrading to 9. Upon downloading, I’m choosing to have it import my database. It is getting stuck at 29312000 File Read and not continuing. Please help.

Kristian, got v9 installed and upgraded to the yearly plan and all of my old and current listings came through but the old completed listings do not have any of the images nested within. Is there anyway to import those? Any help would be greatly appreciated.