7.0.20 Books category

If I want to list in this section (fiction/nonfiction, maybe others) the CONDITION option is dimmed out as unsupported but in fact it is required! So I thought I would report that.
My work around has been to list books in the wrong category, (where condition option is available) and then revise the listing, changing the category only. But weird.

Antiquarian Books has not included a “Condition” option for many years, depending on the details of the listing description.

It looks as if eBay UK has decided that books are only to be listed as ‘Books’ in categories, and has removed the division of ‘Fiction’ and ‘Non-Fiction’. Additionally all the divisions of Categories of Magazines have been removed.

Additionally it appears that in Item Specifics eBay has changed ‘Title’ to ‘Book Title’, so if in GS the ‘Title’ section is filled in, eBay is now requiring this to be changed to ‘Book Title’.

As a magazine and bookseller this will mean a lot of unnecessary work to jump through the new eBay hoops. Any help from the GS team would be much appreciated!


Ah this just bit me also. It is in fact the long-ago-announced change in the Category structure on eBay US as well, and the attributes will all have to be modified. It sounds worse in Comic Books, TBH.

So of 500 things I tried to modify this morning, about 80 needed to have a category set and updates made to their attributes. Physically this is much simpler in GarageSale than the website, but it does make me wonder if maybe “show me the subset of selected listings that generate errors when verified” might be a handy thing for quarantining broken listings…

What frustrates me (with eBay, not GS) is that even if we spend time updating all our listings now to fit the new Category structure, it will probably only be a few weeks / months until another tweak by eBay will mean we’ll have to do it all over again…

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