7.0.20, Captions not uploading to listing and PayPal background not changeable

I just starting listing things on eBay again, after a several year hiatus, and used GarageSale 7.0.20 to put together a few.

Two things I noticed are the captions I add to my photos are not being uploaded to eBay, and I can’t seem to edit my PayPal profiles. GarageSale has two profiles currently, and these are old, and I can’t seem to modify or delete either of them.


Is that listing with the missing captions still online? If so, can you post a link to it? The caption would only appear for images put into the description by GarageSale, as captions are not an eBay supported feature.

GarageSale only show the PayPal transaction for the eBay accounts you specified PayPal addresses for under Preferences > eBay > Accounts > PayPal Address.

We have an companion product GaragePay, that can show PayPal transaction for non-eBay related PayPal accounts and transactions.

My Listing.

So, the captions in Garage Band do nothing, and go nowhere? Well, then, why are they there?

Regarding the Garage Sale preferences, that’s just it: the email address in Garage Sale are current, yet when I uploaded my listing from Garage Sale to eBay, it entered an old email address at my PayPal account address. Thus my question.

Please scroll down to your listings description. All your captions are nicely displayed just below your images.

My point in my previous post was the we cannot put captions in the eBay image gallery at the top of the listing page, only into the description field further down the page.

Have you checked what you put in as linked PayPal address on the eBay website for your eBay account?

Found the captions. Thanks.

“Have you checked what you put in as linked PayPal address on the eBay website for your eBay account?”


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