7.0.21 Pickup Only Revision Upload

I thought I try listing a rare pickup item on eBay as 99.999% of these are sold on Facebook Marketplace.

I uploaded the listing fine with Local Pickup selected for shipping.

I need to revise the title and description but had GS set on revising the entire listings and went with that to try to save time.

This generated an error:

A shipping service is not specified.
At least one valid shipping service mut be specified.

Switched to revising just the title and description and it worked fine.

However, the same error will be generated if you attempt revising the shipping, with or without the “free” radio button checked. I didn’t try adding a service in case it couldn’t be removed. So eBay is o.k. with uploading a listing with pickup only, ub you can’t revise the shipping unless you apparently have to add a shipping service.

Typical eBay logic.

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