8.6.3 is suddenly crashing


I haven’t used my app (8.6.3) in about a month (or two) as I have been busy with other projects. The last time I used the app it was working fine. I tried opening it today as I have a sale and it crashes. At first it was giving me the keychain login window and crashing right after I put in the password. After many tries and computer reboots it was logging me in and showing me the app window for a few seconds and then crashing.


Unfortunately, the old GarageSale 8 is using an older eBay API.

These crashes are due to eBay finally turning off their old attribute API.

The solution is to upgrade to GarageSale 9, for which we re-built the internal attribute system to cope with this API change.

GarageSale 9 can be tested for free and you find more details about what’s new on our website here:

On first launch it will ask you to import your GarageSale 8 database so you shouldn’t lose any work:



If you turn off your internet connection your old GarageSale 8 can maybe still be started without crashing. This might be helpful if you still need to have access to this version, e.g. to export specific listings.

Thanks. So I have to buy a license? Will I have to do this for every new version that comes out??

A major new version for usual requires a new license, yes. But it depends, you got your current GarageSale 8 for free as you probably remember :blush:
(This time you don’t qualify for the free GS9 upgrade license, sorry.)

GarageSale 9 is a major new version and requires a new license. Upgrade licenses are still available.

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