9.3b4 input for weight

Not being able to easily input the weight as we were able to in previous versions is a time consuming change. Can the weight be returned to a clickable entry? Having to go to the sidebar to enter weight is not a very nice change. Also someone 6 months ago or so made the comment to make item specifics a clickable entry instead of opening a popup window. That also would simplify making changes to item specifics. Often only 75% of the item specifics get updated AFTER the pop up window is closed. If I click the sprocket to copy settings for paste elsewhere not all of the changes are made unless I close the window and then reopen it and then clicking the sprocket and copy again to grab all the attributes. As my screen grab shows only half of my entries are made until after I close the window . Otherwise the changes have been all a nice upgrade

I also vote to have the weight and package dimensions to be clickable from the new Preview window. Other than that, 9.3 is working nicely for me so far, thanks.

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