9.4 wont allow multiple items to launch at once

Hi all - Since the 9.4 upgrade, when going to list all new items at once (we publish 450+ at once and always have with no error, it verifies all listings just as it normally did in previous editions but the “start listings” button does not become blue and actionable.

Instead what we have to do now is grab say 10-15 listings at a time and it only works then. Please see two screenshots where the start listing button works and does not when more auctions are selected.

Do note we have already checked for errors as well.

edit - oops, Im not sure how to add photos.

there we go

I tried a sample of 90 listings to see what result I got. I am on 9.4. GS took perhaps 30 seconds or so, I didn’t time it, to verify them and then my button turned green and actionable so they could be listed. So it seems likely to be on your machine? Have you tried to refresh your token? I would just grab bunches of 24 like your photo shows and list them and grab 24 more to list. GS allows multiple uploads to run at once.

Thank you for the quick answer. I dont think its the machine as the day before the 9.4 update we were doing 450 and it all happened at once. This way in batches of 24, I have to sit there and “babysit” them for 45 minutes to an hour, whereas before I hit the one button and walked away.

I have not refreshed the token yet but I will try that.

I am currently doing a batch of 30 uploads that are “starts” not relists. They verified in 2 seconds and are currently uploading. I have in the past 2 weeks switched to the GS free picture service and it has more than doubled the time it takes to upload.

Have you check if the “Run only local verification in Lauch control window” option improves the situation?

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