9.7.2 (1649) DISASTER - all my SKUs overridden!

Just installed 9.7.2 (1649) and entered a new item into Inventory.

The SKU for the new item has been copied into the SKU for ALL my Inventory - 1000s of SKUs overridden.

How can I recover my old database file? How can I get 1000s of SKUs back?
Urgent - please help

This is a real disaster as I use the SKUs to track business profit for my tax returns. With all my SKUs now overridden I cannot track sale profit.
My business needs this information.

Luckily, I use Time Machine so I can get back an old database file - but what is it called? In what directory is it located?

I am sorry to hear. Do you remember what exactly you have done? I just tried it here but couldn’t reproduce the error, that’s why I am asking.

Also, can you please check if this pre-release of GarageSale 9.7.3 brings back your SKUs?:

If not, please see FAQ #29 and #30 how to locate/transfer your GarageSale 9 database folder:

(you have to scroll down there a bit)

If you need help with that, please let us know.

OK, I’ve looked at the FAQs, but my file structure is different (see attached screen-shot). Where is the database file?

Under macOS 11 Big Sur and higher the Finder renames the GarageSale database folder to plain “GarageSale”.

This can make it hard to identify the correct folder. If you find mind multiple “GarageSale” folders there, they most likely belong to older GarageSale versions you were using, e.g. GarageSale 8 or GarageSale 7. To find out to what GarageSale version a database belongs to, right-click on it and select “Information”. In the Information panel expand the “Name & Extension” section to see the actual database name, e.g. “com.iwascoding.garagesale9”.

You have to transfer the whole folder “GarageSale” (com.iwascoding.garagesale9). Do not touch the files/folders inside that folder!

Many thanks for the info.
Now I know how to recover the database, I did some more testing today.

I closed down GarageSale and then restarted. Did this three times.

All my SKUs magically re-appeared! I then did some testing by adding new Inventory items and all seems OK.

I will now watch very carefully for the next couple of days, making a note of exactly what I do. If the problem re-appears, I will have more information for you.
Hoping this was just a very strange incident and will not happen again!

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