'A network error occurred while trying to connect to eBay’s image server.'


I have been having problems creating new listings with Garagesale (6.7b11(564)). I keep getting an error message “A network error occurred while trying to connect to eBay’s image server.” I have tried updating GarageSale but i get a message that says “an error occured while downloading the update information. Please try again later”. I am currently running IOS High Sierra (10.13.2), and have tried ‘Fixing GarageSale after recent OS X security updates’ but i think mine looks different as i do not see an ‘always trust’ check box.

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You have to upgrade to at least GarageSale 7.0.13 to get compatible with eBay’s recent changes:


I’m curious why have you chosen to stay on a 4 year old beta version, when we released plenty of upgrades for GarageSale 6?

Probably because it works for his work flow. Upgrading is not necessarily a good thing for the end user. I drive a 52 year old pickup truck and it works just fine. No cupholders but I get by.

I actually had been trying to update the program using the check for updates and was getting an error doing that for at least the last year or so but finally i decided to download the 7.0.13 version directly from the website which worked out great and then i was able to transfer all my listings from the old version to the new and now it seems to be working great! I should have tried that before ! Thanks for your suggestions though.