A solution for drafts... any ideas?

Hello everyone… so im trying to set up some for of drafts as lik e90% of my items have alot of the same specifics etc… so this would really speed things up…

So what i thought was make a smart group and make that show anything with the word ’ draft ’ in the title…

then when i duplicate that to add photos / change a few bits, that would be removed from that smart group as id change the title… but i cant duplicate items in a smart folder ( is that right? )

I could just have these ‘drafts’ show under all listings… but its abit to much to be looking at, as i have around a thousand items and will need around 20 or so drafts…

Any other ideas at all anyone?

All the best

You can just put them in a normal group, clearly labeled, and duplicate them when needed for a kind of listing. That has worked for me since GS 4.

If you’re concerned about organization, and that’s why you are thinking of making it a Smart Group, consider just occasionally using the Smart Group to check that everything in the regular “Stationery” group (or whatever you choose to call it) is the correct kind. Create the Smart Group to find all of them everywhere, then drag them from there to the Standard Group and make sure there’s nothing extra. I organize several store categories this way, since I sometimes put the category in Cat1 or Cat2, randomly.

Other approaches to avoiding burning a template/stationery listing might be:

  • use a Tag to make them red or something (though this only shows in some overall views, which TBH is close to being a bug for me), then check that nothing red is ever launched
  • use a User Property with a very carefully named key, like maybe DO_NOT_LAUNCH, and then make a verification script (I know, complicated) to check that no items you launch ever include that text in the User Properties

But in my experience I always forget this sort of check very quickly, and just accidentally launch a bunch of copies of a DO_NOT_LAUNCH listing because I have no extra attention. All of these demand a certain amount of self-training.

So I’d say the flat group where you only ever put these templates in it, and when you accidentally burn one, have an exported backup of that folder ready to re-import (depending on how complicated the listing structure is).

Hiya! i think its a shame you cant duplicate items in smart groups… as thats a perfect solution… as after changing the title in this case, it wouldn’t be there anymore… yeah im thinking its going to have to be normal groups… duplicate then drag it out that folder which is abit of a pain…

Yeah i also thought about tags… but i know im going to not untag the duplicate then im just going to mess it all up…

Thanks for all the suggestions though :slight_smile:

I think the problem is a little deeper: A Smart Group isn’t a “real place”, so the things that appear to be “in” one are not actually where they seem to be. If we could do stuff to the listings we’re peeking at, then the duplicates would go… where? Would each duplicated item go to the same place its source thing was? Or would they go to a new place, and have to ask us where to put them?

This is especially tricky for those of us using [flat] groups for inventory control. If I duplicate a thing I see in a Smart Group, the duplicate probably shouldn’t stay in the same “box” folder as the original.

Not impossible to decide, but complicated to support I think.

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