Account Sync Problems (no listings etc.) GS9.0.4 / 9.0.5 Beta


I have the following problem, got the subscription version of GS some time ago and now I finally found some time to actively prep some auctions in GS, but no matter what I do, my offers that are listed on ebay will not be synchrnoized nor are the previous sales / active offers displayed.

I have already tried the following:

-Token renewed
-Deleted Ebay profile completely in GS, rebooted the Mac, added Profile again → Updated account details → No change
-Multiple reload/refresh in the auction overview
-Removed the Garagesale folder in Library/Containers, set everything up from scratch …no change

My profile on Ebay works normally when i log in via the Browser and my listings are visible. Those listing have been setup in GS about 6-8 weeks ago and did work before. But now it just won´t sync.

My Mac: Mac OS 12.4 / MacPro 6.1 / 12 Core / 64gb Ram

Thanks in advance for any help!


Are you only referring to the account window here or also to the listings states (active/ended) not being “synched” with eBay?

Actually both!

But something weird happened after letting Garagesale open for several hours even after refreshing the account several times. The Listings updated again as well the sold items showed up.

But on the account window it´s stil the old status with “no listings” and so on.


If you open the “About GarageSale” panel from the “GarageSale” menu does the “Live eBay Listing” count say “0”, too?

Yep, it actually does say “0” on the Live Ebay Listing

How many active listing do you actually have in GarageSale?

active listing = listing with a blue or green border (See the Icon Legen in GarageSale’s Help menu)

Garagesale shows me 22 Active Listings on Ebay there are actually 24 Active listings.

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