Activate pro subscription on multiple computers

Hello I’ve been a long time user. I recently bought a laptop and downloaded the latest version garage sale and also bought a year long pro subscription.

I also have an old imac that contains all my GS files that I have been using for years for work. I was running GS 7 and recently upgraded to GS 9 when I got this laptop. How do I make pro subscription active on this imac?

Also, is there some kind of a receipt for my subscription purchase. I haven’t gotten an email saying I paid. Should I also get a license code with this purchase?

Likely many more questions to follow but this first… Also many thanks for listening to my suggestion about numbering the sku’s! This surely will save hours of my life.

Just sign-in with your Pro account. This can be done, e.g. in the GarageSale preferences > Pro.

The GarageSale Pro service doesn’t use a license. You just need your Pro account.

Regards, Kristian

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