Active content should i be worry?

i have been using GarageSale for past few years, recently the active content get me worried, i have done some reading about it but haven’t really find any specific solution. here is my listing and under no active content it say html? what does that really mean?

I wanted to input some videos as well from youtube wondering if it is possible my copy of software never allowed me to login to my site even the videos is created by myself.

any help will be appreciate!

Hi bear,

I had a look at your listing.
It seems you’re using a very old version of GarageSale 6 (version 6.8 to be exactly). The listings designs of this old version are not optimized for smartphones. That’s why the test says “Mobile not-compatible”.
If you want to make sure your listings are optimized for smartphones you could upgrade to GarageSale 7 where all listings design have been optimized. (You need to download the latest version of your paid design from GarageSale’s Listing design window.)

You don’t make use of “active content” like Flash and Javascript. Also, you don’t use links to other website so you’re fine. The image gallery uses “link” elements for the image swap but that shouldn’t cause any trouble.

Regards, Kristian

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