Actual Shipping Costs in Orders Tab via GaragePay

Is it possible to automate the retrieval of actual shipping cost from GaragePay to GarageSale?

Current workflow:
copy TrackingID from Orders Tab in GarageSale for specific item
paste in search box in GaragePay
matching label transaction is highlighted (I pay for my postage with paypal, the transaction item field contains the tracking id, so GaragePay finds it)
copy transaction amount from upper right black box in GaragePay
paste into Actual Shipping - GarageSale

Seems like this would be a good candidate for automation (and maybe sell a few more copies of GaragePay). Or is there a better way? I am actually pretty quick at with both apps open and cmd-c and cmd-v but always looking for improvements. thanks.

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This sound like something I’ve been working on with another customer a few days back.

You are selling something on eBay, and see an “actual shipping cost” for the transaction in GaragePay and not in GarageSale, right?

Did purchase the shipping label on eBay?
Is there a place on the eBay website where you can see that actual shipping cost?

  1. correct, I sell on eBay, and I find the actual shipping cost for the transaction is in GaragePay, not GarageSale.

  2. yes, I did purchase the shipping labels on eBay.

  3. And no, I cannot find anywhere on eBay that captures the actual shipping cost.

Next time you purchase a shipping label, please take a screenshot with shows the fee and the item number. I think GarageSale should be able to access that number without needing to to through PayPal, but so far I’m having a hard time convincing eBay developer support that this is an issue at all. :disappointed:

thanks. I messaged you the screenshot.

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