Add a video is not in menu

The add a video is not on the right click list but it is on the editor + list. GS 9.1.1

For now you only can add a video in Editor mode and once added the video is shown there in the image area on the right hand side.

Ok. The manual has 2 ways. Thanks. It works in editor

I got one to upload and 3 days later the other says pending. A glitch in something?

It’s a bit odd that it takes so long but I guess eBay just needs some more time to review the video. You already hit the reload button and also restarted GarageSale?

The latest beta version should display the “Add Video” menu item when clicking on a “Drop Zone” marker in the preview.

Here is an odd one. If I click on a photo it already has “add a video” but if I click the drop zone the “add a video” is not on the list

I can’t reproduce this issue here with beta 2. For me the “Select eBay Video” command is available no matter if I right-click a photo or the “Drop Zone”.

Sorry, I was on 9.1.1. It is working as you stated in 9.2.b2

I started 9.2b2 and the video went live. The editor view doesn’t show the video it only shows up on ebay.

In GarageSale the added video should be shown in Editor mode at the very bottom of the image field.

I’m sorry, I meant the preview mode. The editor mode shows it in the bottom corner.

It looks like ebay is not notifying GS that the video is live. I have to let it upload for 12 hours and restart GS to get notice that the video is live otherwise it says pending. Today it went live after I click the reload button in 10 minutes. Screen Shot 2022-12-07 at 7.58.24 AM

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