Add Audio Clip to eBay listing

I just updated to the newest version and now all of my audio clips are reading “error”.
Does someone have a new workaround for adding a music player to the listings?
(also I can no longer do the “Run in 32-bit mode” trick because Macs won’t allow it…?)
Any help would be most appreciated!

I upload sound files to YouTube and post a link for sleigh bells I sell. Ebay and GS have both done video upload capabilities. Ebay is slow but it works. Adding Videos

Thanks. I’m looking to have an audio player. Using code like this:

<p class="player"><audio preload="none" controls="">
<source src="https://myclips.mp3" type="audio/mpeg"> </audio></p> <p class="player"><audio preload="none" controls="">

But when I load my clips from the server the player just spins and doesn’t load.

What version are you upgrading from?

Can you post the URL of one of your clips here? Maybe there is an issue with the URL/server?

Also, as already mentioned by @rlmartin using the eBay video feature might be another way to present your audio.

When did this last work? If I recall correctly, eBay’s active content policy forbids including audio/video from non-ebay servers, but I could be wrong.

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As far as I understood it’s still OK to insert Video/Audio as long as you don’t add “links” to external sites. You have to use HTML5 tags (as Robert does).

Oh, and only certain Video sites are allowed:

Robert better should use the official eBay video feature :slight_smile:

I have been using the GS video file as well as putting YouTube links in my description and haven’t yet been told to remove them. I have been doing YouTube links since October 2022

If I recall correctly, YouTube is only of the sites specifically allowed by eBay.

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