Add categories to Vintage Collage or add Vintage Collage theme to Pro: Sidebar Store

Quick question I could really do with some help with.

I love the program but I’m struggling slightly with the theme’s.

I have created a few listings without a eBay store but I’m going to go ahead and have a individual store as I have inherited so much vintage stuff and it would make sense to have store category’s on the listings page due to having loads of stuff by the same brand etc.

I love the Vintage Collage theme and my limited understanding of Garagesale is that to use the store linking/categories on a listing it needs to be a Pro design?

What I’m looking to do is have a simple sidebar on the Vintage Collage on the left hand side which links to different shop areas. How does one achieve this?!

One of my listings is this: eBay listing and I’m looking have a sidebar similar to the Pro: Sidebar Store.

Many thanks.

Thank you for your request. I just replied to your support mail.

Regards, Kristian

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