"Add image from device" feature

today I discovered by change this feature “add photo from device…” (third line):

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It sounds very interesting, especially if I could import photo directly from a device like a camera or a microscope. I could not test it (nothin happens if I click on it) neither I could find information in the manual. Is there anyone here who can give me some more information about it?

Thank you

I used it about a year ago. It works. There was an update because it wasn’t properly placing the picture into the listing and after the fix it worked fine. There is information somewhere in the manual but I cant remember what its under.

Which device did you use it with? Scanner, camera, … ? How does it exactly work? Do you connect the device and then GS can pick the photo directly from the device? Is there any preview of the photo into GS or do you obtain the image after you take it into the device? I really do not understand…
Thanks for your help.

If you have e.g. a SD card inserted into your Mac (or a connected SD card reader) and you select the “Add image from device” command, you get a preview of the photos and can select the desired photos to import them.
I don’t think you can import directly from a scanner…

Regards, Kristian

Thanks Kristian, unfortunately it is not my aim. I was already dreaming about taking photos of coins and medal directly from a camera microscope…

Connect an Iphone with a cable. Take picture and it puts it right in the listing.

That sounds interesting… thanks for your help.

You could use your phone like a scanner and put it right in the listing. The built in edit tool could make fast changes

I was about to suggest that the Magnifier app on the iPhone can get very high resolution images, too

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Not exactly unfortunately, I have to put watermark before putting images into description. However, this might be very useful for books listings, which are not easy to scan (and it is also a time waste). They do not need watermark and this way I can also add faster some photos of the inside pages. I will test it soon…

Which app is it?

“Magnifier”; it’s a utility included in modern iOS; ask Siri if you can’t find it

GS used to watermark everything for us but eBay required them to remove it. How are you able to watermark photo’s and not get red flagged by ebay? People have been using my pictures all over the internet since this policy’s been enforced.

All my 20.000 listings have watermarked images. ALL. I sell historical images that might be downloaded and printed, I do not worry at all about eBay intimidation. They initially obligated us to remove watermark, then they retraced and said that we can put watermark on images, but this way our listings might have been bad or not indexed in eBay search engine. Until today nothing really changed and I am quite sure it won’t also in future.

P.S. I use visual watermark app, very fast and easy to manage. You just have to put images into the app and it will put them out watermarked.

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