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How can I add the shipping weight in GarageSale so that it appears within the listing under the “Package Weight” section? I don’t use shipping profiles.

Can’t you just click on the package weight to edit it?

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Anything I write or modify in this section is not reflected in the eBay listing.

Can you show us where on the eBay website you expect it to be reflected and also post a link to that listing?

I expect it to be reflected in the listing under the “Shipping” section, “Package Weight”

Not visible to the customer, but it should be a detail of the listing.

Can you export that listing using GarageSale’s Export command from the File menu and post it here? You need to compress/zip it before posting - otherwise the forum software won’t allow the upload.

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Is there a practical advantage for putting your item’s weight on the website?

You are only offering shipping for a fixed fee, so I’m wondering why eBay wants you to enter the weight?

Does putting in the weight on the website have any effect on the shipping price?

It’s of significant importance to me because other applications that import listings from eBay calculate shipping based on the weight of the shipment, and the weight is extracted from that section within the eBay listing.

Ah, now it makes sense.

Normally, the package weight panel only is shown for sites that offer shipping rates based on weight (aka calculated shipping), which doesn’t.

A workaround would be if you move your shipping settings to shipping profile, or if you’d create and apply a domestic or international rate table on eBay (which allow for weight based shipping rules afaik). In these cases you should get the weight popover for listings, too.

Hope this helps.

So, can I give up hope of being able to import the weight directly into the listing?

With (international) shipping rate tables, you say what your shipping prices would be for certain weight ranges, e.g. <1 kg = 10€, <2kg = 20€, etc…

You still need to specify the item weight in each listing on eBay or GS, so eBay can choose the correct shipping price from your rate table, based on the item weight you put into the listing.

That’s why GS would enable the package weight panel if rate tables are used.

I’m only interested in that data being reported in the listing like other attributes

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