ADD Video Button not active

How to add Video to my listing if button not active?

Can you please try to refresh your ebay access token in the GarageSale preferences?

Also did you maybe block GarageSale to access your Finder/desktop?


assuming there was an error showing up before you get to the disabled button: can you please try the following version:


Hi. Yes, with Beta 13 I can use + button. But now when I trying to add video with size 117.5 MB. I see error: " Video File too Large, estimated size of the converted video will be 330.6 MB".
So, I still can’t add video. Which format I should use instead of .mov ?

Thank you


eBay does not accept any video file you have. The videos are limit to a max resolution, length and a specific format. You most likely need to make your video shorter.


I can upload this video to my eBay listing without any problem. Problem only with GarageSale upload.


how do you upload the video to your eBay listing? Using the eBay website?

The eBay API we are using has the limitation. Maybe eBay removed them for their own website?


Yes, via eBay website. My video only 117,5 MB size. And there is no any problem with eBay. But When I trying to upload it via GarageSale I see message “Video File too Large” and 330.6 MB of Video size ( actual 117.5 MB ).
See screenshots above please.

As Paul already said, you most likely have to shorten your video. It seems the ebay system needs to reconvert your video for any reason (when uploaded through their API).
Please see the video format requirements listed here (and a link to the ebay help page):
Adding Videos

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