Adding a feature to Auto Cancellation feature

@ilja An added feature for the Auto Cancellation feature which would make it more usable, at least for me. A check box that says “One time only” or “every month”. Once the auto cancel feature triggers and relist happens, the new listing has the auto cancel and relist feature already set to trigger in the new listing. I determine every 30 days if I want the listing to end and relist. If a listing has a lot of views and watchers I leave it run for another 30 or 60 days before I cancel and relist it. Thanks.

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In this scenario, would you re-list the auto-cancelled listing manually at some point?

Yes, In 30 days and zero watchers I set to cancel and relist. Any more watchers than 0 I let it run until 60 days and most are relisted with only a few running to 90 days, those with many views and many watchers. I cancel almost all at the 90 mark. I have some that are up to 3 years old but they have 13,000 views and 100 watchers and 300 sales. 0 sales in 1 month and any listing is cancelled and relisted because Ebay stops showing them in searches and only shows them in store views. And I still have to go over them if there are sales during the life of the listing to correct the quantity available so that GS correctly uses the available quantity I have left in stock.

What if we would offer a scripting interface inside GarageSale, which lets you run your custom scripts periodically. Maybe this way you could tailor GarageSale to your specific needs better?

Here is a pseudo-code JavaScript example. Do you think that would be manageable for you to tinker with? Or would the learning code be too steep?

 var main=function(context){
	var runningListings = context.getAllRunningListings();
	var listingsToRelist = [];
	for(var i=0; i < runningListings.length; i++){
		var listing = runningListings[i];
		if (listing.daysRunning >= 30 && listing.watchers < 3) {
	context.endListings(listingsToRelist, function (endedListings) {
		context.relistListings(endedListings, function (relistedListings) {
			alert ("Relisted Listings: " + )

I could try. Where do I put this code?

OH!! WOW! That would be kinda cool…

If it could replace all the AppleScript functions and functionality and have better performance???

Right now, I’m no longer running any of my 26 AppleScripts since they can only process a maximum of 10 listings per second and I now have nearly 30000 listings to process for each of 26 scripts… So… each script runs for a minimum of 50 minutes…

Even if I only use a subset of my listings it is still 3500 listings, which means even the simple AppleScripts run for 6+ minutes…



Sorry, but that feature is not there yet. I just wanted your opinion on this, to see if that could help you.

That’s what we hoped, but we need to do some investigation first. There are a couple of language options (JavaScript, Lua, etc.), each with a couple of bridging libraries to integrate with GarageSale. Hopefully there’s once that offers a good compromise between ease-of-use for our users and performance.

Can you give me a rough rundown of the criteria you use to identify listings (state, number of days running, watchers, etc.) and what actions you are performing on the them (ending listings, re-listing listings, etc.) in your current AppleScripts?

Oh, I read that wrong. If there would be a list of functions the novice could choose from that would do the job… sure. My wife did a little web page design and got it done by searching google to get the right scripting. But that was time consuming, that’s why I would ask for a “cheat sheet” of possible scripting basics to get started and down the road. Like the way GS has a list to choose from to set up the smart folders. I might be able to get this done with a few more choices available in the smart group menus. A problem might arise from users pestering you to get scripts written up or blowing up the whole program and asking you to clean up the problems created.

Hi ilja,

CONGRATS to you, Kristian, and Paul on the v8.1 Release!!!

All of my Scripts follow this convention:

tell application “GarageSale”
repeat with aListing in (get selected ebay listings) – every ebay listing
– do something with aListing
get title of aListing
end repeat
end tell

They simply query properties, they do not “do” any actions.

Here is my folder of GarageSale AppleScripts:

The Simple AppleScripts run for 6-16 seconds for 100 selected listings and the Complex AppleScript runs for 180 seconds for 100 selected listings.


GarageSale AppleScripts from (148.5 KB)

@ilja. The auto cancel and relist feature is running great! I find myself constantly having to do the same tasks over and over in the set up. A copy and paste feature would work great here.Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 4.21.35 PM.
@fedege96 I use a smart folder to filter so I don’t pick up items that have had sales so that eliminates the quantity available issues. HOWEVER, when I do fix the quantity available in a listing with sales before the cancel relist trigger GS subtracts the sold quantity from the number available and sets up a new listing with the wrong quantity. EX. listing with 10 quantity, and 2 sold, I update GS to 8. After the cancel and relist trigger the quantity in GS and the new listing on ebay is 6. I always have the ignore inventory quantity UNCHECKED.

Thank you @rlmartin for exposing your experience. Let me admit I am not yet totally convinced to start with auto-cancelation… which is the average number of auto-cancelled listing you work with? Just to have an idea if 15.000 auto-cancelled listings might give problems or if it works fine with you for similar numbers.
Concerning the quantity feature, unfortunately it is still not 100% for me, I had a problem with an order because (I suppose) between dozens of revising, sometime with checked field, sometimes else unchecked, for one I forgot to check/uncheck and so 1 unit more sold… this should not be a text for my mental readiness…

I have about 550 set up right now. I am not ready to commit the whole DB to the auto cancel yet. The quantity issue is a constant issue to watch for. The auto cancel works nice as configured, its just the quantity needs tweaked yet. On the plus side, if you have an item set to cancel and relist and it sells before it is set to trigger, GS catches it and doesn’t relist because the quantity is zero.

I let listings auto cancel and relist without correcting any of the quantity. So far it seems to correctly work and be correctly starting with the correct quantity without doing anything. If I correct the quantity at anytime during the running of the listing using revise, then GS incorrectly starts with the wrong quantity. I am not sure what a solution to this would be.

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