Adding links to other Store Categories

Have been emailing to support and I am certain this is a simple fix but not getting it. So bear with me. I like to add links in my ad for certain store categories within my eBay store. When checked - they are considered active content. Before just copied the URL and put it in that little box that popped up (No I am not a computer person) worked great. Will not forward after eBay turns off the active content in July. SO - in words you would tell a five year old. What do I need to add to that URL my eBay category page to make it work. Thanks in advance

Hi micandgeo,

in GarageSale’s Editor mode find the inserted link element and just insert a target="_blank" attribute.
Your link element currently looks like this:
<a href="..."> your text </a>

After inserting the target="_blank" it should look like this:
<a href="..." target="_blank"> your text </a>

Regards, Kristian

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