Adding listings to an event not working

GS 7.0.14b4 (832) - I posted about this before, I thought it was fixed but it keeps on acting buggy on me. When I drag over an auction the little arrow shows up like it should but then my auction just snaps back into the listings panel. I restarted several times and still will not let me drag and drop an auction into an event.

Can you please give the latest beta version another try?:

Also, make sure that you’re only trying to add prepared listings to an Event.

Regards, Kristian

I’m using GS version 7.0.14b6 (835)
Im not sure what would make this listing Not prepared. But it doesnt work for any listings. Ive had this problem before, then magically it worked once for me. Now I cant get it to work again.

You first need to create a duplicate of that active listing. This will produce a “prepared” one.

prepared = dashed border
active = solid border
ended = solid color

Please also see the Icon Legend in GarageSale’s Help menu.

I dont think I understand just what garageslae considers prepared.

This auction has no pictures and a red flag, but its “Prepared”? Im just trying to wrap my head around this new GS concept. I Run many duplicate auctions, for example, I have Fantastic Four #112 - I have over 50 of them. So everytime I want to list another one of them I need to make a duplicate of the previous auction? I dont want 50 of these same auctions sitting in my list of auctions. Seems like extra steps and clutter for what ive been doing in previous GS versions.

A “prepared” listing is simply a listing hasn’t been started yet.

Please see the help section here for more details about the new listing concept:

Regards, Kristian

Ok I see, but here is what I dont get… Im just using this one auction “Fantastic Four #112” As an example. I have many others that are similar to it where I have multiple copies of the same comic book.
So after I list one of these and it sells
I Can:
Change the photos and description and list it individually
Change the photos and description and grab it along with some other comics and make a new event

Then why the heck cant I grab that same auction by itself after I change the photos and description and drag it to an event?
To me that makes no sense that I can do the the first 2 things i mentioned but not this. Why do I need to make a duplicate just so I can drag and drop it into an event?
On the scale that I do things in GS, I will go in and change photos and description for 100+ auctions on any given week. I have them organized in folders, so like 20 here 5 there and 10 in another folder will be my listings. Currently I need to make an event from every one of those folders instead of just making one event and making it neat and organized. I have been using GS for a long time and it seemed that with every major update the workflow was more streamlined and productivity increased but not so much if now there are extra steps that I need to take.

If you do this, you should get a warning telling you that a duplicate of the listing will be created. If that warning doesn’t appear you maybe checked the “Don’t show again” checkbox previously.

Yes, I do remember checking “Dont Show Again” thinking it would automatically run the same task everytime without asking me each time.

Is there a way to go back and change that?

Click on “Show all warnings” in the GarageSale preferences > General:

Regards, Kristian

Calmmix, did you find a solution to your question (adding an item to an event)?
I believe I’m having the same issue, and it’s irritating me that I can’t add to an event
like we used to be able to. I’ve watched the tutorial video and it doesn’t work like that.
Am I doing something wrong?

Here’s what I’m attempting to do;
I select an item to sell (ex.; vintage halloween mask) -
*New event from selected listing
*Duplicate and continue
This brings up the event scheduler and my item is ready to schedule. I want to add more
listings to this event. I go to another folder (I organize my items into specific folders), select
an item to add (vintage beer sign). I drag that into ‘Scheduled listings’, but it will not add, and
I get a message;
*You can not create events from started listings

I do not want to create an event for every single listing… my only solution is to pull all the
items I want to list from my template folders and move them into a new folder, which I than
select all of them for a new event. Unfortunately, they are than removed from my specific folders.
I sell multiples, similar items, or like to use a previous listing template to create new listing.
The new version has made it too much work compared to the old.

Please let me know if I’m going about this wrong.


A listing can only be started once. That’s why you can’t add a listing that has already been started to an event.
You can only add listings to an event that haven’t been started yet. (not yet started listing = icon with a dashed border. Please also see the Icon Legend in the Help menu.)

What you can do is duplicate an ended or already active listing by hitting the duplicate button in the toolbar. Next drag the duplicated listing to the event.

You don’t need to create a single event for each single listing. You can add multiple (not yet started) listings to an event.

Hope this helps,

I have found a similar workaround to yours. Its adding alot of time to my workflow which stinks but it works. Im working in all different folders within parent folders with thousands of auctions that I will eventually list again and I like to keep my events, auctions and everything for that matter looking neat.
So what I did this last set of auctions is:
Change the photos and descriptions of the auctions I want to list again… Then in each folder I am working in, select the auctions I want to list, Make those auctions an event, Delete that event, then drag and drop those auctions into the ONE event I want to run.
Its seems silly but it works and based on how many auctions I could prepare to run in an event before I had to do it this way as opposed to before I would say Im loosing about 25% productivity.

Changing pictures and descriptions of auctions that ran and sold or didnt sell then dragging them into an event worked just fine in previous GS versions, not sure why it cant now.

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