Adding unique inventory numbers to items

I need to be able to apply (not generate) an inventory number to auctions to separate by client. I was able to add a column in active, archived, sold, and unsold in ebay called “Custom Label.” This works fine for me, as long as I’m in the ebay account.

We sell collectibles, and don’t use barcodes, isbns etc.

I was told it’s not ok to use those fields for anything else, but back in GarageSale, my label shows up in .csv files as an sku… When I add my own label to the sku field in GS, it says “no product found.” Can anyone advise on how to add an inventory number to GarageSale? THANKS!

Just use the SKU field for whatever purpose you like. the “No product found” label is just a hint that there’s no product in GarageSale’s inventory that matches your SKU. You can just ignore it, if you don’t want to use GarageSale’s inventory tracking.

Thanks Iija!
Are skus visible in listings along with description, item number etc?
I’m happy with using the activity panel, but the person I list for would like to see it in the listing.