Advice for listing moving after starting

I have an advice I hope you could evaluate concerning the moving option after starting.
I noticed that when I change the output folder for one item ALL other listings change to the same folder. I try to give you a concrete example to explain this matter, please tell me what you think.
I have to start 3 different listings with 3 models, A B and C. Each one goes in a different folder, first to folderA, second to folderB and third to folderC. I start A and set the output folder as folderA. Then I do the same with B and C. After this, I want to start 3 other items, each one for one model. However, when I list the first item with modelA, it does not go to folderA but to folderC since the last auction I started was supposed to go to folderC. But modelA was originally set to send activated listing to folderA… I mean, it would be useful that each listing keeps memory of the original output folder… did you understand what I mean :grin:?

I guess. :wink:

So you have several “Launch Control” windows open at the same time, each setup to move the started listing to a different folder? Once you start a listing, it goes the folder you selected last?

Did I get you right?

Mmmhh :grin: … my english is too bad, I know I know…

Here it will be more clear I hope :smiley:

video on dropbox

P.S. @ilja I do not know why in the video spinning ball is not recordered, but you see it is quite slow after clicking on a listing to show it…

Thanks for the video. I understand what you are trying to do, but that’s unfortunately not how this feature is designed.

GarageSales does not store the destination folder per listing. There is a single application global setting that stores the last selected group. Also, each instance of the “Launch control” window remembers its own setting as long as you don’t close it.

I can see your need, but we have to think how to best implement something that helps you.

P.S. The beachball is indeed not visible. If you can leave the “spindump” utility running for about 2 minutes while doing the same thing as in the video, we can discover where GarageSale spends its time. See this post for instructions:

Mmmhh I see… so it does not keep memory of the folder… I think it would be really useful. I try to explain you what I have in mind (I hope with a better explanation than first message :sweat_smile:).
If I have many ended listing and I want to relist them all, I cannot highlight all and relist in bulk since each listing should go in a specific folder. @ilja What do you think about this?

I have just done, I send you it by message…

Thanks for the spin dump file. We’ll tweak a few number for the next release. Let me know if you are still seeing beach ball that often with the new version.

Of course, I will let you know about this after some tries.

Thank you

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