After upgrading to 6.9.6 (818) i lost sync with my ebay shop

after upgrading to 6.9.6 (818) i lost sync with the items in my ebay shop.
I have 51 items active in my ebay shop, and i used to modify prices and descriptions in garagesale.
now, after upgrading, my items are not appearing any more on the left panel of garagesale; i can see the templates, but since there is no sync with the items in my shop i cannot modify prices and descriptions any more.
How can I re-sync garagesale with my ebay shop?

please take notice that my garagesale is in italian…

Hi Paolo,

this is what you should give a try:

  1. Make sure Tracking is enabled in the GarageSale preferences.

  2. Refresh your eBay token (s) in the GarageSale preferences>Accounts.

  3. force-update the auction states. To do so hold down the alt key (option key), then click on the Auction menu and select “Redownload auction states…”.

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian,

Tracking is enabled. I don’t know the procedure for sending to you the
Garagesale Register. Be aware that i’m using Garagesale in Italian
Language; i can switch to English, if that will facilitate your support;
but i don’t know how to do that.

I have refreshed my token.

I have force-updated the auction states. nothing changes.

I’m sending to you a screenShot that you can inspect.

The highlighted template (Vector Network Analyzer…) is actually on my
ebay store, as a Buy It Now item, never ending. I want to modify the
price of the item, but i cannot do that since the auction does not
appear on the inspector windows.
The “my auctions” tag and the “imported from my ebay” tag are both empty.

Another fact you should be aware of, i was not accessing Garagesale from
July, since i was out on vacation.

thanks for your help; i should find a solution quite soon, since i have
several items to list and several changes to do on the pending
activities in my Ebay Shop.

looking forward to your advice,


Il 21/09/15 08:41, kristian ha scritto:

I have received some good advice, sent to me directly via email by kristian, and now Graragesale works better than ever.

Thanks to Kristian for the very useful support,