All listings will not re list after upgrade:"Item cannot be accessed"

I have not sold in several months. Today when I went to re list items I recieve the following message for all listing: “This item cannot be accessed because the listing has been deleted, is a listing, or you are not the seller.” Per other posts I upgraded to 6.9.5 but problem still persists.

Hi - just a shot in the dark but did you try to LIST rather then RELIST? The pictures may be deleted from whatever server they are on (like eps) which may be why item can not be accessed. Just a thought!


Thanks but there is no List option. Only re list.

Hi Bathsheba_Veghte,

it seems you initially started the auction in question using a different eBay account.
You should double-check that.

However, if you can’t relist it you could start a new auction. Simply hit the “Start auction” button in the toolbar.

Regards, Kristian