All my templates' shipping details were reset

Whenever I create a template, I make two copies: one with a start price & a BIN price, the other with just the BIN. I store them in two different (non-smart) folders. Some sort of glitch in Garagesale changed all of the shipping data in each folder. The templates in one folder all have the same shipping info (1 lb 6 oz; 7 x 10 x 5); the templates in the second folder also all have the same shipping info, but different than that of the first folder’s (0 lb 12 oz; 8 x 10 x 2).

This appears tied to one user account on eBay. Folders containing templates for another account were unaffected, and templates that have yet to be listed on the site were unaffected.

Has anyone else encountered this? I now have to re-measure the dimensions and weight for all of the previously listed items and take them off eBay until I can manage to do so…

Hi DashingDave,

which version of GarageSale and Mac OS X do you have installed?

Regards, Kristian

Whoops–didn’t realize there was a reply waiting for me! I was using 6.9.7 and OS 10.11.3 before I deleted the application from my Mac. At this point I’m just going to wait until v.7 is out so that whatever’s be going wrong in v.6 does corrupt any of my templates during an upgrade.