Annoying bug: GS starts listings as "only pick up" although shipping profile is unknown

here is a new bug about shipping profiles. This might be reproduced but is quite complicated to explain. I will try, let me know if something is not clear enough.

  • you create one listing in Mac A using shipping profile X
  • Mac A does not have profiles updated because in the meanwhile you deleted profile X in the ebay site, but did not do “update profiles” in the pop-up window of profile.
  • you export the listing into a Mac B which has updated profile. The listing looks like this:

Schermata 2022-05-07 alle 19.42.19

Everything is fine here. When in GS 8 you tried to launch such a listing, GS simply didn’t launch it because “profile is unknown”.

NOW, with GS 9, GS seems to launch the listing anyway ! Incredible… ! And the started listing has “only pick up” as shipping method:

This is very frustrating because if you start at once hundreds listings, there might be some inside which have unknown shipping profile. I was safe in GS 8 because they were not started at all, but now they are launched and buyers cannot see any shipping method !
I hope this could be fixed soon.


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