Another 2nd Account Problem: Part of It Works For Me, Part Doesn't

Yes, it’s me again with another probable stupid problem. I tried to figure it out; I tried to fix it. But it’s not working for me.

I am baffled and have spent literally all day trying to figure out what’s wrong this time!

First, I decided to get a second store after all due to the restrictions of how many free listings I can have without a store.

Got it all set up at eBay, then came back and set up the new account and store in Preferences. I made sure that all of the same fields were filled out with the new one as the old one.


Then I got the design template figured out. I highlighted the first 25 items in GS, as a sort of test, all of which are to be sold in the new store. The only changes I was going to make was to include the new account’s store name, add the categories – which I had created at eBay – above the sidebar, and change the word “Categories” to “Genres” on the new store.

Once they were all highlighted, I made those changes. I checked the listings out, and the first 15 were perfect.


But somehow the next 10 picked up the older store name and categories.


I’ve tried everything I can think of: unchecking the appropriate boxes, close GS, wait a bit, reopen GS; individually change each thing (which went nowhere!). I even deleted the account in GS Preferences and re-entered everything. But nothing has worked.

There is one strange thing, and it remains even after I deleted and re-entered the account. The name of my store has a checkbox but no store name. I noticed it about an hour ago, though it could have happened long before that.


I’m so frustrated and discouraged I don’t know what else to do.

Hi Michelle,

in the listings in question you probably have selected a store category (in the “Options” Inspector) that belongs to the other eBay store. You might want to check this.

Regards, Kristian

You know, when you do this, I am torn between slinking quietly in embarrassment and thanking you profusely.

Thank you! I would never have even considered that as being the problem.