Another bug with attributes

I am still testing attributes and just found another crazy bug. I think there must be something very wrong with this feature… seems strange it happens only to me…
In few words, if you have a group of listings doubled from a single one, then you copy components (attributes) from a single one and past components to all other listings from that group, information into attributes are automatically overwritten on all listings! If you just filled attributes on hundreds listings one by one like me, it’s like apocalypse… just lost two days works…


How to spend Easter…

Sorry for that bug, which is particular nasty. Either the bug has been there forever, or there has been a change of the copying behavior in the underlying system frameworks GarageSale uses, as we haven’t touched that code in while.

The bug should be fixed in GarageSale 9.7.4, but you should duplicate all the listing you pasted the item specifics into, as all those listing might still be using the same attribute entries, so changing one would still change the attributes in the other listings as well. Duplicate those listing should fix that issue.

Great, I will duplicate the entire folder which contains these bugged listings. I will check also for this issue if is gone and will keep you updated.
In the meanwhile, did you try the listing I exported and sent to Kristian before? Does this new version fix also that bug?

Yes, that bug should be fixed also:

  • fixed a bug that could cause attribute values entered in Preview to not be saved

Great, I will let you know if anything else strange happens with attribute. Thanks for your work!

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