Another GS7 glitch - Hyperlinks

Ok so when u create a hyperlink it changes the color and size of your font. I like to have hyperlinks on my page in bold blue letters with 24pt font and when I highlight and create a hyperlink it changes to grey with no bold and 15 pt font. I’m able to change the size back to 24 pt and boldness but can’t change the color back to blue or change to any color at all once u create hyperlink. So once again here I’m insanely frustrated with this upgrade and left spending hours of meaningless time going back and individually changing hundreds of my listings back to 24 pt font.

would appreciate a response on this

I have no clue why this is happening. I left a note to @kristian, who knows about the internal workings of the preview, to look into the issues once he is back at work next week.

Hi miamiwax,

could you please export one of the listings in question and send it to me so I can have a closer look?
If you’re using a custom listing design please send it to me, too.

Regards, Kristian

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