Any chance of INVOICE importing in GaragePay?

I’m looking for a tool to import my invoices and this was be the perfect tool to do that.

Has this been considered?

What would be the purpose of such a feature? Can you please explain it a little bit so we can get an understanding what you are trying to accomplish?

I use PayPal’s invoicing system right now to enter all the ordered items. Having the GaragePay app up in the background I can spot when a payment is made and if I could see the pull list (ordered items) it would save me going to the PayPal invoice via the web browser.

This is only a temporary thing for me, as I am building out my Magento store. However, that is taking more time that I had hoped.

Thanks for your reply!

So your feature request is about creating custom invoices in GaragePay from the order items listed in the PayPal order? (Just making sure I got you correctly)

Hi - actually, I think I’d like to just see the invoice contents from PayPal imported into GaragePay as part of the sync. I hope this is something that can be done as I will have to write my own app to do this otherwise.

I haven’t looked at the PayPal API, so I am hoping there is a wait to request this information as part of some sort of command to PayPal.


Any further thoughts on this?


(I’m really hoping to save time since GaragePay suits all my other needs)

GaragePay uses PayPals classic API, in particular the GetTransactionDetails call:

As far I as I can tell from the documentation, there are some invoice related output fields in the response. But I’m not sure which fields would be needed to implement invoice importing.

I know that one of my providers ( is able to do integration for my shipping that pulls over the items from my PayPal invoices; however, they’re running into a problem with duplicates (they get the transaction where payment occurs and my invoice separately).

Perhaps there’s a solution in their work for this app and vice-versa? :wink:

Are you the developer? If so, PRAISE to YOU - I love all my iwascoding toys. GarageSale is a beautiful app that all my windoze friends are jealous of… :smiley:

A rewrite to adopt GaragePay to the latest PayPal API is on the agenda, but we are right now in the midst of a complete GarageSale overhaul, so don’t get your hope up anytime soon.

I’m on of the two co-founders. Thanks a lot for the praise. Hope we’ll be able to make your Windows friends a lot more jealous soon…

I can’t imagine how you will improve GarageSale, but I look forward to it. You have created a tool that is AMAZING.

I’ll work on my own temporary solution in Swift to save myself a little effort and hope that you adopt the API features in an update in the future :smile: