Any service to list on eBay without using own eBay account?

Hi there,

I was wondering if there is any service that would list my items instead of myself and take some commission on sales.

Let me explain the situation.
The things I sell are spare parts. Hence, I have to be patient because most items can only sell on the long run. This means that I have to maximize the number of items and minimize listing fees and any kind of monthly fees. On the counterpart, I can give some commission when the item is sold.

In my country eBay offers only 50 free listings, whilst British users can list up to 1000 free items for free.
Even if I list on, eBay charges me pretty high listing fees (around ~0.40$ per listing) from the 51th listing.
This is because eBay applies the fees and free listing offers available for my country.
So the huge number of free listings that I see when listing are pure illusion.
Moreovers, the fees seem being charged every month, even if the item was listed months ago.

Ebay had a program named Valet, which was discontinued.
In the USA, TradeAssist offers some alternative.

I’m in Europe and don’t need all the features that TradeAssist has to offer. Typically, I already have the photographies, can write the titles and descriptions myself, I want to choose the sale price and can ship the items myself. So, I’m more looking for a partner in my business field (computer components) throuhg which my listings would be published and which would be kind of a dropshipper.

Suggestions for other platforms accepting international sellers are also welcome.

Hi Leon,

first, I would suggest you to open a shop on if you use a lot that site. This (should) permit you to use british free promotion numbers…

GTC listings are just 30-days that renew every months, so eBay charges you every single months for all listings that exceed the limit of 50. This makes no difference if listings have been listed 10 years ago, you pay monthly what exceed the free limit…

I never heard of such a service provided by eBay in Europe. I solved the matter taking an employee dedicated to listing 8 hours/day. I would be happy too to hear any other solution to reach big listings numbers, material is not missing…

Hi Federico,

Thanks. Not sure what you mean by open a shop on Do you mean to register there as professional seller? I don’t want having fix monthly fees.
I list on, but when calculating fees, eBay always use its subsidiary in my country. For the number of free listings, that’s exactly if I was using eBay’s site in my country.

I’m currently experimenting CubeCart. So far as I could see it looks really cool. There are free and paid plugins that are very easy to install. Amongst the paid ones, there are “Ebay Sales” and “Ebay Orders”. I did not tried them but they could be a good solution for you to have own e-shop website and synchronize your inventory and sales with eBay.

Hello Leon,
welcome. Yes, I mean that. A fixed monthly fee would let you save singular listings fee. If you have lots of listing it might become convenient, but it obviously depends on number of active listings…

Concerning an external website, it’s months (or years…) I am looking around for a solution. My big problem is that I don’t have enough time to build and develop it on my own, I must rely on someone else, but I am quite fussy so I know for sure it won’t satisfy me and I will put several time in the project, although I pay someone for that and need spending time in other activities… Anyway, I will certainly give a look to that solution. I am looking for anything that will give me possibility to continue using GS, so synching eBay listings to other sites (and so the contrary) using GS as main managing app to list on the “master” marketplace (eBay). Thanks for the tip.

Have a nice evening